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Collision Safety Tips

Most crashes in Texas result from speeding, failure to yield, driving under the influence of alcohol, following too closely and running red lights and stop signs. To learn the best ways to avoid a collision or what to do if you are in a crash, please read the information below.

Driving Tips

Slow down and drive to conditions. Drive friendly - yield to other drivers and be courteous. Maintain a safe following distance. Look both ways before you enter an intersection. Signal every turn and lane change. Stop at red lights and stop signs. Don't drive if you've been drinking.

What to do after a Crash

Check for injuries. If people are hurt, tend to them. Move your car out of the roadway to a safer place where you can exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, vehicle identification numbers, vehicle license plate numbers, insurance information and driver license information. Note the location of the crash and get the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses. If the vehicles cannot be moved, protect the scene by setting up flares or raising your hood.

When to Call Police

Always call the police when:

an injury or fatality is involved, the vehicles cannot be moved, you suspect one of the drivers is intoxicated, one of the drivers has no insurance, or one of the drivers leaves the scene.

When to Move Your Vehicle

If you are in a collision and no one is hurt, don't wait for the police before moving your vehicle. If you can drive the vehicle, the law requires you to move it out of the flow of traffic.

If there is damage to the vehicle, stop and exchange information. If someone is hurt, render aid and notify law enforcement. If you hit an unattended vehicle, find the driver or write your name and address on a note explaining what happened. You must also include the owner's name and address if the vehicle you are driving doesn't belong to you.

When to File a Crash Report

If a law enforcement officer is not investigating the crash, you must file a crash report with TxDOT within 10 days if: there are injuries or a fatality, you suspect property damage exceeds $1,000, or you suspect a driver is intoxicated, unlicensed, has no insurance or attempts to leave the scene.

If you don't file a report, you're subject to up to a $500 fine, plus court costs.

Auto Insurance

Texas law requires drivers to have basic liability coverage. If you don't have auto insurance, you can be fined up to $350 (or more if you've been ticketed before for no insurance). Be ready to show your insurance card if an officer asks you for it, and inform your insurance company of a collision right away.

Read more from the Texas Department of Transportation >

Frequently Asked Questions

After being in an accident, what should I do?

You will need to report the accident to your insurance company. Since you can choose the collision repair facility of your choice, tell them you want Torres Collision to handle your repair. You can contact us at 409-832-3466, after being in business for 73+ years with over 200 years of combined experience, we will get your vehicle back to factory condition.

Do I have to take my vehicle to a body shop that my insurance company recommends?

You are legally allowed to choose the automotive body shop of your choice. Do not be steered! Insurance companies will likely offer you a few options, but we accept all insurance companies and will handle any non-insurance work. Choose the shop you trust.

Why should I use Torres Collision?

Torres Collision is family owned and operated collision repair facility that has been providing top-notch collision repair to the Beaumont, TX area for over 73 years. We have trained I-CAR technicians and are an I-CAR Gold Class and ASE Blue Certified Shop. We have the expertise and materials to repair your vehicle to factory standards. We have been a 3M Top Shop Member and have been a Reader's Choice Award Winner for the best automotive collision repair. Torres Collision is a collision repair facility you can trust!

When will my car be ready?

It depends on how extensive of a repair we are dealing with. The common collision repair steps are:
1. Estimate 2. Insurance Approval 3. Disassembly 4. Order Parts 5. Structure Repair 6. Body Repair 7. Paint
8. Reassembly 9. Detailing 10. Completed

Can you match the automotive paint color exactly?

Yes. We only use the best paints and processes in the automotive industry, allowing us to expertly match and paint your vehicle pefectly.

What should I to protect the paint finish after the vehicle repair?

The first sixty days are the most critical for a long lasting durable finish. Do: Wash your vehicle with cool water using a very mild household detergent. Wash your vehicle in the shade, and dry with a soft towel. Don't: Commercial car washes should be avoided during this time. Do not wax or polish for the first sixty days. Gravel roads should be avoided or any area that would have flying debris.

Do I get a lifetime warranty?

Torres Collision provides a lifetime workmanship warranty on your collision repair. We are note interested in just a quick fix, we want you satisfied and want to be your collision repair facility for life.
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